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What to wear for your family photo?

Outfits should be comfortable and confident when choosing attire for your family photos. Prioritize comfort with pieces crafted from natural fabrics like linen, cotton, or wool in neutral, earthy tones. Warm color options include mustard, brown, rust, cream, burgundy, and taupe, while lighter, pastel tones like cream, white, beige, gray, and muted pinks create a soft palette. For a more dramatic effect, mix moodier colors with lighter tones and experiment with layers and accessories for depth and visual interest. Select one or two dominant colors that complement the background, such as warm hues like mustard or rust for fall photos, and avoid an excess of dark colors to maintain vibrancy. Remember to coordinate footwear to complete the polished look, avoiding white socks and athletic shoes.

In summary:

  1. Opt for color-coordinating outfits instead of exact matches.

  2. Choose warm colors, pastel colors, and neutral tones, while avoiding bright primary colors.

  3. If incorporating prints, stick mostly to solid colors, with only one or two family members wearing prints.

  4. Experiment with fabrics, layers, and accessories for added dimension.

  5. Choose one or two dominant colors based on the background, like warm tones for fall photos.

  6. Coordinate footwear to complete the look, avoiding white socks and athletic shoes.

If you've already selected outfits, consider laying them flat and sending photos to me for feedback on color coordination and suitability for photoshoots.

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